Networking Bingo to Increase Interaction at Your Event

Introduction to Networking Bingo

Networking bingo is designed to encourage attendees at an event to interact with one another.  My program participants have enjoyed the activity at several corporate events.  Hopefully, it will make your event into more of an experience rather than just another meeting.

The Networking Bingo Game

At the beginning of your event provide each attendee with a networking bingo card and a pen.
Once you distribute cards and pens direct participants to ask each other to sign the squares that describe themselves.  If there are many participants at the event you might only allow each participant to sign one or two squares for each of the other participants.   If there are just a few attendees you might allow participants to sign as many squares as they can.

Introductions, An Additional Networking Game

Towards the end of your event you may chose to do the Introductions Game if most of your attendees did not know each other prior to the event.  Alternatively, you may skip this activity and simply award prizes based upon networking bingo.  If you opt to include the Introductions Game invite the participants with the most filled squares to be on stage contestants.  If many people have filled the entire card randomly select a few contestants from those people who have filled the entire card.   Invite the contestants to introduce as many people who signed their card as possible to the entire audience.   Award prizes to the best performers.  Be fair: if some of your attendees such as the event organizers know a lot of the attendees either skip this activity or have two categories of contestants.


As an alternative to the Introductions game simply award prizes to the participants who fill the entire card.  If you don’t have enough prizes for everyone with a signed card, enter those people with a filled card into a raffle to win prizes.  If no one has filled their card award prizes to people with:

  • The most squares signed
  • All 4 corners and the center signed
  • Both diagonals signed


Dr. Ronald


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