Resuming Face to Face Events: How Planner Sentiments Have Evolved Over 13 Weeks

When i-Meet began to survey meeting professionals back in March, we set out to engage in a forward-looking survey to determine when and how F2F events would resume.  Our survey, which began the last week in March, continues weekly with the specific objective of trending the data over time.

With 13 weeks of data, we’ve found shifting sentiments on timing, and some definitive positions on how future events may evolve.

The chart above shows how sentiments have shifted.  In March and April, there was initial enthusiasm that we could get through the challenges and resume F2F events in 2020, specifically in Q3 and Q4.  Beginning in May, a shift towards 2021 became apparent, and at the end of June, 64% of planners expected to resume in 2021.

So will 2020 be a bust for resuming F2F events?  While that question remains unanswered for now, still over 30% of planners expect a return to F2F events in 2020.

Hybrid Events have been steadily polling strong by planners who expect them to be integral, with over 60% expecting a virtual component for some F2F future events.

The survey results are published online, and you can access them here.

Phase 2 of the Survey

So what’s next?  Our committee of industry leaders has set out some new objectives as we continue with our weekly surveys.  They include probing deeper for timing of events in 2021, how meeting professionals view supplier readiness to resume, and what types of events they will focus on initially as they resume F2F events.

You can take the survey here – it’s just 2-minutes per week, and your feedback is invaluable to the industry as we begin envisioning the new world of F2F events.  Thank you for participating!

What has become very clear is that we all work in an innovative industry, filled with smart, creative and determined professionals who are hard at work to solve this challenge.  That has been inspiring!  Our industry leadership has been impressive, and I know you all join me in expressing our appreciation to every one of them.

The clouds are beginning to clear, and I know we’re all looking forward to getting back to what we do best – creating extraordinary events for all kinds of results, and being one of the most important components of a much needed global recovery.


John Pino is Founder and CEO of i-Meet, and a Meeting and Event Industry Executive.  I enjoy starting new stuff, big challenges, and breaking new ground. Specialties: Starting and building companies, strategy, global expansion, and partnership development. John also was the Founder and CEO of StarCite (now part of Cvent), and President and CEO of McGettigan Partners (acquired by Maritz).

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  1. Larry 2 years ago

    This is Great news! We can’t wait to get back on the stage! We have events in September in Burbank (who have now asked to add a 3rd show!), and in Wisconsin in Sept. that is still on the books!
    Thanks for being such a great community!
    Larry G Jones

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