Planner Confidence Index – Phase 2

Results through OCTOBER 18, 2020 (29th week of survey)  

Survey Summary Overview

i-Meet’s Planner Confidence Index is based on a weekly survey that records and trends the evolving opinions of meeting professionals on when they expect to resume F2F events.  
The survey began the first week in April.

73% of planners currently have events booked and contracted in 2020 and/or 2021.

17% of respondents anticipate they will resume F2F events before the end of the year

71% of respondents anticipate they will resume F2F events sometime in 2021.

  • The top answers for resuming F2F events are for the first half of 2021 at 38% – Q1 (14%) and Q2 (24%). 
  • Resuming in Q4 is at 17% for the week, up from 16% last week.
  • Uncertainty around a time to resume F2F events is at 12% (same as last week).
Note:  to see the most recent changes (month to month, or first week of survey to current week of survey), click here.

Week to Week Changes 

When do you expect to resume F2F events?

Week ending October 11
compared to
Week ending October 18

Survey Data Commentary

The shift to 2021 reached its highest point at 77% October 4.
For this week, we see the shift to 2021 at 71% (down from 72% last week), while Q4 2020 is at 17% (up from 15% last week).  

2021 Breakdown, plus more detail emerging.
Q1 and Q2 have strongest response, with 38% of planners targeting the first half (40% last week).
73% of planners have events contracted (up from 72% last week); most expect to start with small, drive-to events, and/or hybrids.

Do you currently have any F2F events
booked & contracted?

73% of Planners have events booked and contracted  (up from 72% last week);
27% have nothing currently booked.

Which event types
are you expecting to operate initially?

Top Answers:
Small, drive to events (67%); Hybrids (74%)
Least likely:  international and cruises

What factors would influence you to plan future F2F events now?

Meeting professionals are focused on attendee health and safety, and will be negotiating favorable cancellation/attrition clauses as they resume.

Hybrid Events:
Will your future F2F meetings have a virtual component for attendees who do not travel to your meetings?

Hybrid events are defined as having a face to face meeting with a virtual component, allowing participants to choose regarding travel.

More on the TYPE of meeting professionals participating, and comments about the survey structure.

Survey Participants:
Please tell us your event planning sector

Corporate; Association;
Third Party Meeting & Travel Management;
Government, Education, or Non-Profit;
Independent Meeting Professional;
Sports; Social Group Planner;
Industry Supplier

Note: to see more detail on the most recent changes
(month to month, or first week of survey to current week of survey),
click here.
i-Meet has created a Planner Confidence Index, a forward-looking barometer as to when planners believe they’ll be ready to resume operating F2F events.  The process involves weekly polls (2-minutes to participate), which give a unique view into how these sentiments are changing as the industry plans for the future.  While this survey represents when meeting professionals and their organizations anticipate resuming F2F events, it is acknowledged that there are other critical factors that also need to align – such as hotel/venue/airline readiness to welcome events back; safety, cleanliness and distancing protocols that are verifiable at the selected venues; and attendee confidence in resuming travel and participating in events. 

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